client: Law Calc

Created while working for Strathern Associates. The goal was to create a web application where users could sign up to a site and purchase credits to allow them to process audio-gram data and receive results/analysis relating to noise induced hearing loss.

Project List

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress theme creation
  • WordPress installation & setup
  • WooCommerce installation & setup
  • Stripe Payment Gateway integration
  • Custom new user application approval script
  • Custom user credit level management scripts
  • Custom credit payment and user allocation script
  • Custom NIHL calculation, saving and output scripts
  • Custom CRUD system for users to manage saved data
  • Custom back-end admin management system
  • mPDF integration
  • jpGraph integration
  • chartist-js integration
  • HTTPS/SSL secured

More Details

The majority of time on this build was spent creating the custom NIHL calculation and the required output methods. I was provided with an excel file that preformed similar functions and was asked to build on this while converting it to PHP. Then integrate it into a cost per calculation model using WordPress and WooCommerce. 

I also designed the company’s logo and an icon set for the site. The websites homepage header graphic was created from combining stock vectors.